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Sunday, 19 April 2015

A couple of weeks ago I popped into town and went about picking up some more spring and summer clothes. I found a couple of pieces from New Look as well as Primark which I thought I would share with you. I also noticed that I hadn't really posted any clothing hauls recently so I felt it was about time for a haul again. I picked up a few dresses and shirts which I felt would be appropriate for the warmer weather which I am hoping will quickly arrive...

New Look  

I am a massive fan of skater dresses and they are really the only type of dresses I wear. I picked up this dress in a lovely pink colour which I already own in red. It originally cost £15 but I picked it up for £5. Bargain! I really love the bright pink colour which is perfect for summer paired with sandals. 

Next up I picked up this long shirt from New Look as well. The thing that made me buy it was the collar which is black and has jewellery attached to it. It originally cost £25 but I got it on sale for £3. I love a good sale. It is perfect for spring as the material is light and breezy. 

Another dress from New Look. However this is different from the previous one because this is a swing dress. I actually don't own any swing dresses apart from this one but I really like this one paired with a light denim jacket. It cost £10 which is another amazing bargain. 


I spotted this shirt in Primark and I couldn't help but pick it up. As a blogger I do spend a lot of time on the internet and wifi so I felt this was perfect for me. I'm sure this will be a casual shirt for the gym. It cost £4 which is a great price and a shirt that suits me perfectly.

I do love my candles but I can't burn them in my apartment so I haven't brought them recently. However I couldn't resist putting this little tin candle in my basket. The scent of watermelon lemonade is a very fresh fruity scent which I live for. At only £1 I couldn't help myself. 

Lastly, I picked up a water bottle, I don't know what you whether you would call this a water bottle but I have been wanting one of these bottles for a while and when I saw this black and sliver glitter one I knew it was for me. It is quickly becoming one of my desk essentials and only cost £2.50!

What have you brought from New Look & Primark recently?

Emily <3 

Exam Revision Tips

Thursday, 16 April 2015

[ Pixababy]

As exams are quickly approaching and everyone is desperately trying to cram in as much revision and information as they can, I thought why not look back at my days of GCSE and A Levels and see what tips I can often. I remember the exam time as stressful and to be honest a time I would rather forget but exams is someone that everyone has to face so here are my tips to success...

Plan a Timetable 
Ok I have to admit that I am an organise freak and when I was taking exams, I created a timetable which included all of my subjects. By creating a timetable, you ensure that you are spending time on each subject rather than just focusing on one. If your as crazy as me, you can even add different areas within the subject to the timetable so you know what areas you are studying. Make the timetable colourful and eye catching. 

Include breaks 
Leading on from my previous tip, when creating a timetable include breaks. This could be a ten minute break to grab a drink and a piece of fruit or to stretch your legs. However you don't need to include a two hour break because that will just demotivate you further. Including break will allow you to re focus and continue to study. 

Find a Revision Style
I am sure you have been told this before but not everyone suits the same revision style. I am personally a visual learner and I love to have cue cards and have answers written on the other side and often learn best when I picture it. However everyone learns differently so try different styles and find out which one is best your you. This process may take time but believe me, it will make the revision process more effective. 

Go to the Gym 
You may be wondering what in the world, this has to do with revision but it kind of links to taking breaks. When I get stressed out or fed up, I go to the gym. Getting out and exercising to your favourite playlist is a great way to work off stress and steam. You may think this is time wasting, but after you come back from the gym, you will feel more focused and ready to power through. 

Have the Correct Environment 
The environment you are in can effect your revision process. If you are sitting in bed in your PJs, you are less lightly you take in anything, whereas if you get up have a shower, eat, and sit a table you are in a better environment. By all means, be comfortable but don't study in bed because you will just fall asleep believe me. 

If you have exams coming up, I hope these tips have been useful and helpful. These are just my tips which I have found through experience but they may not work for everyone and I am not an expert. If your in the middle of your revision then keep going and power though and good luck for the exams. You can do it! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

Have you got any exam revision tips?  

Emily <3 

Great Budget Buys

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The drugstore is one of my favourite places to go when I am in the mood to try some new make up. There are so many amazing products and brands which provide great quality make up at such a low price. I never really know where to start when I walk into Boots which is a reason why often I shop online. I have done a few posts before about drugstore products but today I thought  I would share with you my great budget buys..

I'm sure most of you have heard about the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. Well if this palette isn't in your budget, then your in luck because there is a big drugstore dupe. MUA's Undressed eyeshadow palette offers the same shades and I personally think the quality is amazing for £4. This was the first palette I ever brought and it served me well. If you want to try an eyeshadow palette from Superdrug I would suggest MUA's Undressed. 

There are so many blushers to pick from but the brand which I always turn to would be Sleek. The pigmentation of their products is just unlike anything else in the drugstore. My favourite Sleek blusher would have to be 'Rose Gold' which as the name would suggest is a pink blusher with gold laced in it. If your local Boots or Superdrug doesn't sell Sleek then you can order from Amazon.co.uk. For £4.49 the quality is amazing and packaging looks Sleek.

Mascaras. There are so many different mascaras in Boots and Superdrug but the prices do vary from £1 to £12. However mascara is one product where the price does mean better quality but the Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara is a fairly good mascara which doesn't cost an arm and leg. At £6.49, this is one of the cheaper mascaras which still provides volume and length. 

NYC isn't a brand that I turn to too often but one product that I have been loving is their Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm which is a tinted lip balm. This is one lip product that moisturisers my lips while giving them colour at the same time and is honestly one of my favourite products to wear. This lip balm only costs £2.99, and there isn't a better bargain in Superdrug.

There you have it. Four of my favourite products which won't break your bank balance. These are just my thoughts and these products many work differently for you. I hope you find this post useful when you next pop into the drugstore. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter to stayup to date!

What are your great budget buys?

Emily <3 

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week #2

Sunday, 12 April 2015

I have to admit that I have had a pretty good week this week. I had a wonderful Easter Holiday and I ate my whole body weight in chocolate Easter eggs. I'm currently on a break from University and living back at home which feels great. No need to do my own washing or cook my own food. Doesn't that sound like heaven? Anyway here are ten things which have made my week one of the best...

1. Being Surrounded By Family 
Living back at home means spending quality time with my family which I love! I have had some amazing days out with the family and they make me laugh and can always manage to put a smile on my face. I have a massive family so there is always something going on!

2. Easter Chocolate 
I have finally finished my last Easter egg! I have enjoyed having a continuous stock of chocolate lying around but my diet most certainly hasn't. Now all the chocolate is in my tummy, I am trying to get back on the healthy clean eating plan and not just eating anything in front of me. 

3. Family Walks in the Countryside 
Some of my favourite moments from this week are the family walks. As I live in a place surrounded by countryside, my family are forever outside walking around and finding new places. I personally love packing a sandwich and grabbing a map and just walking. 

4. Reuniting With Old Friends 
As I moved out to University, I left behind a set of great friends and I am sad to say I am bad at keeping in touch but I made the effort to meet up with them and had an enjoyable pub lunch. Onion rings, Chips and the whole lot. Yeah about that diet. 

5. Chinese Take Away 
As I am writing this, I am waiting for my Chinese take away order to arrive. At university, I don't normally have the money for a take away but as it is a Saturday nightand there is nothing in the fridge, take away is the only choice really. Right?! I can't wait for the prawn toast to come. 

6. Buying Deliciously Ella 
After seeing ViviannaDoesMakeup talk about this book weekly, I thought it had to be amazing so I picked it up on a sneaky trip to Tesco. I am trying to eat healthy so I thought this book may help me along the way and I have already seen the sweet potato brownies and they look amazing!  

7. The Sunny Days 
If you live in the UK you will have hopefully experienced the amazing weather from this past week. I have loved the sunny warm days! Because of this I cracked out the sunglasses, skater dresses, sandals and flip flops and it feels amazing. Also I have to add that the ice cream van came round! 

8. Watching The Best of Me 
I can't believe that I didn't watch this earlier! I read the book of this movie before hand but I still ended up in an emotional wreak at the end anyway. If you love a good romantic movie than I would suggest this however I would strongly recommend that you have a couple of tissue boxes near by or on hand because it will break your heart.   

9. Discovering New Blogs
I have discovered a couple of amazing blogs over the last  week and they are inspiring me to make my blog better and better. Gymbags and Gladrags is one of my new favourites and is very inspiring for me as I am trying to be healthy. I also love Emtalks which I found through Couture Girl.

10. Charity Shops 
One thing that me and mum love to do is charity shopping and when we are together we normally go about finding bargains. I am happy to say that I have found a couple of different bargains which include a couple of summer dresses I can't wait to wear!    

What has made you happy this week?

Emily <3

Things I am looking forward to in the Summer

Thursday, 9 April 2015


As winter is coming to an end and we enter spring, it means that summer isn't that far away and this excites me greatly. I love the winter and curling up with a hot chocolate by the fire but I also love the idea of summer. There are so many things I am looking forward to in the next couple of months..

Hanging out with family. I can't wait to spend quality with my family as I have spend seven months living at University. Also the idea of not having to cook my own dinner every night and having my sister as my room mate again is going to be wonderful. 

When I think of summer, I think of Ice Cream Vans and hearing the sound of van coming around the houses. I personally love to have a Fab Ice Lolly while sitting in the sun. Everyone is allowed a treat every now and again.  Doesn't that just sound fabulous right about now?! 

The higher temperatures in the summer mean I am able to use my garden again. I love having breakfast, lunch and dinner outside in my garden. Something about eating outside makes the food taste so much better. Along with my garden comes a paddling pool. Now I know that sounds childish, but sitting in a cool paddling pool while my little brother pours water over my head is one of my favourite things ever.

One thing that I truly love about summer is the longer nights and lighter mornings. I can't wait to wake up to sunlight rather having dark, cold windy and rainy mornings. In the UK, the sun doesn't set until around 10pm during the summer which is amazing because I can sit outside and read a book until I fall asleep. 

Summer nail polishes. I am a massive fan of bright pinks, orange, green and blue nail polishes and summer is perfect for them. Pastel nail polish colours are also great for the summer which makes an outfit more colourful. 

I can't wait to crack out my summer wardrobe again. Maxi skirts are my favourite to wear because they go with crop tops and keeps my legs warm and go perfectly with flats as well as heels. I haven't ever tried a playsuit but I feel that this summer might be the one where I try one. 

What are you looking forward in Summer?

Emily <3 

The Best Scented Products

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

There are several things which cause me to buy a product. Obviously I always check reviews online to see what others think of it but there are other things which often draw me towards the product such as packaging, design but also smell. I don't really know what it is about a nice smelling product, but I personally don't like using products that smell funny or off. Therefore I thought I would try a different type of post about the products which have the best scent...

I have talked so much about this powder before but the smell is just too good not to include. The Bourjois Healthy Balance powder is amazing and keeps me matte however the main thing I like about it, is the fruity scent which it gives off. I love wearing it because it makes me smell fruity for most of the day but isn't too over powering. If you are one for fruity scents rather than powdery scents, I would suggest you try this.  

The Collection Cream Puff is a moisturising lip cream which applies like a lipgloss and dries to a matte finish. I personally love wearing this lip product because it is a long wearing and has a heavenly smell to it. I would describe the scent as a vanilla milkshake which reminds me of my childhood. I haven't found a make up product that smells as good as this. If your into vanilla smelling lip products, this is the one for you. 

The only other product which compares to the Collection Cream Puff is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick. I own the product is the shade 'nudist' which I use all the time. It is basically a lip gloss in stick form which has vanilla and strawberry scent to it. It is a very sweet scent which isn't to everyone's taste but I do have a sweet tooth and I often  apply this product for the sake of the smell. 

The final product also happens to be another Bourjois one. This is the classic Bousjois Bronzer which is famous for looking and smelling like chocolate. However I don't think that it actually smells like chocolate but rather like sunscreen. I know that the sunscreen scent is not to everyone's taste but I personally like the smell of sunscreen because it reminds me of my childhood and the summers by the beach. 

Those were my best scented product. These are just my products and my thoughts and of course not every product smells the same. I hope you found this post interesting and useful. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! 

What are your favourite scented products?

Emily <3 

Easter Egg Nest Recipe

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Sunday! While I am currently tucking into my massive chocolate easter egg, I thought I would give you a quick Easter recipe. I know that Easter is meant to be about chocolate eggs but I have got a Easter Egg Nest recipe for you. it is honestly one of easiest recipes ever and doesn't require any special ingredients...

225g/8oz Plain Chocolate (broken into pieces)
2 tbsp Golden Syrup 
50g/2oz Butter 
75g/3oz Cornflakes 
36 Mini Chocolate Eggs 

1. Line a 12 hole fairly cake tin with paper cases. 
2. Over a pan of gently simmering water, melt chocolate, golden syrup and butter in a bowl. (The bowl shouldn't touch the water!) 
3. Stir the mixture until Smooth 
4. Remove the bowl from the simmering water, once the mixture is smooth. 
5. Gently stir in the cornflakes and ensure that they are coated in chocolate. 
6. Divide the mixture between the paper cases.
7. Place three chocolate eggs into the centre of each nest.
8. Chill in the fridge for one hour until they are set. 

There you have your own Easter Egg Nests! I hope you enjoy this recipe and that you have a wonderful Easter and eat as much chocolate as possible. This recipe which I used, comes from BBC Food and the link is here. Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter! Have a great Easter. 

What is your favourite Easter Recipe? 

Emily <3 

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