Sunday, 1 May 2016

April Favourites | 2016

I didn't think I had time to write a post this weekend but then I remembered that its almost May and that calls for a monthly favourites so here it goes. I still can't believe that April is over and that spring is upon us. For this months favourites I have picked a couple of face products as well as eyeshadows and a lip crayon.

Nars Eyeshadow Duo 'Demon Lover' - One eyeshadow duo that I have been rocking recently has been this colourful set from Nars. I found this duo from TK Max a couple of months back and have been wearing the darker purple shade as a eye liner shade. The blue and purple shades may not be the normal colours I wear but I still like the texture of the eyeshadows.

Mac Single Eyeshadow 'Wow Factor' - I featured this light purple eyeshadow from Mac in a recent haul and have been applying it across the eye lids. This light purple shade is ideal for spring and creates a lovely light natural look.

Sleek Face Contour Kit 'Light' - I haven't previously been a big fan of contour kits as I personally don't contour but rather apply bronzer to the areas where the sun naturally hits. However when I spotted this contour kit in Superdrug I couldn't help but pick it up as the bronzer is a lovely shade to bronze with.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush 'Gorgeous Berries' - When these blushers first launched I couldn't see the hype of them but after swatching this shade in Superdrug I was blown away. The pigmentation is unbelievable and has a soft texture to it that blends into the skin perfectly. I will say that the shade is very bold but I am planning to head back to Superdrug and pick up a more spring like shade.

Rimmel Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm 'Rumour Has It' - The final product comes from Rimmel and is a berry red lip crayon. Normally I avoid lip crayons as they don't last long on my lips but this one seems to last longer than others and has strong colour payoff and has a vanilla scent to it as well.

What have your April Favourites been?

Emily <3

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Spring Nail Picks | 2016

Spring is fast approaching and one of my things about the change in seasons is the change in nail polish colours. During the winter months, I generally turn towards the darker blue, purple, reds and glitters but when spring rolls around I love to crack our the bright and pastel shades and I thought I would share with you my favourite spring nail picks.

Nails Inc Gel Effect 'Regents Place' - I hadn't previously tried a Nail Inc nail polish but when I spotted this beautiful shade in TK Max I couldn't resist. I love wearing this shade during the spring months as it is a light blue colour which is long lasting and applies thickly over the nail.

Maybelline Super Stay 'Mint For Life' - If you know me well, you will know that I can't stop myself from buying anything mint green. This is no different with nail polishes and it the moment I have been loving this mint green shade from Maybelline which lasts a couple of days before chipping occurs.

Barry M Hi Shine 'Rose Hip' - As well as bright colours I also like to rock pastel shades and one of my favourites is this light pink shade from Barry M. I would say that this is almost an pink off white shade that stands out and just shouts spring.

Essie Nail Polish 'Status Symbol' - As a nail polish lover myself, I had to include an Essie Nail Polish and for this time of the year I like to wear this bright peach pink shade. I rave about the formula of Essie nail polish a lot as it is very thick and smooth and glides over the nails perfectly and lasts for over a week.

Barry M Hi Shine 'Sugar Plum' - The final nail polish comes Barry M again as I adore the brand particular their Hi Shine range. This light pink purple shade is fairly new to me but it quickly becoming one of my all time favourites and gives the nails that fun pop of colour ideal for spring.

What are your spring nail picks?

Emily <3

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Skincare On Trial | Part 1

Recently I have been trying a range of new skincare products as I wanted to change up my skincare routine. I'm lucky in that I have never really had many problems with my skin but I did notice spots appearing and my skin just generally looked dull. Because of this, I went on a hurt to find some new skincare items to try and in the process ended up trying ten new products so I thought a 'skincare on trial' post was needed. I was originally going to make this a huge post but ended up splitting it into two parts so enjoy part one...

Super Facialist By Una Brennan 'Intense Moisture Mask' - I noticed my skin was dry in some areas so I picked up this mask in the hope that it would inject some moisture into my skin. I have to say I was not disappointed by this product as it hydrated the skin leaving it smooth and soft. I will add that it has a strong rose scent which caused my skin to tingle slightly but nothing severe.

NSPA Hot Cloth Polish - When I was in ASDA I came across the NSPA skcinare range and decided to pick this hot cloth polish up which contains a thick creamy cleanser that I used as a second cleanser. Unfortunately my skin didn't agree with the product as it left the skin feeling tight and oily. It may be because it contains essential oil or the sensitively of my skin but I have since stopped using it.

NSPA Deep Cleansing Face Wash - Another NSPA product which I used in the morning to clean the skin was this wash. However after I brought this wash I noticed it was a foam and left the skin feeling dry. Furthermore after a week my skin became dry and stripped. My skin then became sensitive and dry and I had to stop using it after that and it took weeks for my skin to recover. I wouldn't recommend this product unfortunately.

Pro Formula Radiance Melting Gel Cleanser Gel - One product that I had been meaning to try for a while is this melting gel cleanser which I brought from Tesco. For my dry and sensitive skin, I found this cleansing gel too drying and not hydrating enough. However if you have combination or oily skin you may found this cleanser more in your street. However for me, it didn't really work.

NSPA Youthful Eye Cream - The last product for part one is an eye cream. I don't normally use an eye cream because I have never really found one that was right for my skin. This youthful eye cream is not the one for me as it caused irritation around my eyes but I did find it hydrating which is a positive thing to note.

I know that this post might seem like a slightly negative one about skincare products but the second post contains items which I had a more positive experience with so don't forget to check back for part two of 'skincare on trial'. I would also like to mention that the condition of my skin is different from everyone else's and reacts differently when compared with others.

What skincare products that you been trying recently?

Emily <3

Sunday, 10 April 2016

ASOS Spring Wishlist

First off I must say sorry for the lack of content recently as the Easter Holidays were super busy. However being back at University hasn't given me much more down time but I really wanted to get a post up. I wasn't sure what to post but earlier I was doing a bit of online shopping and noticed that ASOS were doing a 50% off sale and had some very cute items so I thought I would put together some of my favourites from the sale selection that would be perfect for spring. Enjoy...

Emily <3 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Wonderful Things

Over the last couple of days I have been picking up a few of the same products and for this post I thought I would be share five wonderful products that I have been loving and wearing.

Rosie For Autograph Eyeshadow Quad 'I Feel Like A Million Dollars' - (Post) I have been reaching for this eyeshadow quad more and more recently as it contains some neutral shades. Personally I have been applying the top two shades which give the lids definition while still being natural.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 'So Hap Pink' - (Post) When I want to wear a long lasting lip colour I apply this matte lip product from Bourjois in this lovely natural pink shade. I find that this lip product lasts all day and doesn't require reapplying. I would recommend this!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Liner - The liner I have recently been reaching for has been this black liquid liner. I don't really wear liquid liner that much but I noticed that it matched neutral eyeshadows and have really been enjoying.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Creamy Mattes 'Cream De Rose' (Post) - As an eye base I often wear the Urban Decay Primer potion but as I have run out, I have turned to this colour tattoo in a light pink shade. Out of all of the colour tattoos I personally wear this one the most. It just gives the ideal natural base.

Soap & Glory Matte Lipstick 'Pom Pom' - This is a fairly new addition to my make up stash but the other day I cracked it out and was very impressed and have used it non stop since. The shade is a dark berry shade more ideal for autumn but the formula is very creamy and hydrating but long lasting at the same time. If your looking for a creamy yet matte lipstick, why not try this one?

What products have you been trying lately?

Emily <3

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Favourites | 2016

Can you believe that the third month of 2016 has come and gone? I swear I start every favourites post with the same disbelief that another month has gone in a blink of an eye. Before you know it, it will be Christmas but before that happens I thought I would give you a run down of my favourite beauty products from the month of March. I have gathered my favourites which consist of a blusher, a eye palette, a couple of lip products and a nail polish. 

First up is the H&M Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in 'Dusty Rose'. I brought this cream blusher back in February but never really got around to using it until the beginning of March and that's when I fell in love with it. The cream to powder formula is creamy and smooth and blends into the cheeks very smoothly. This has to be one of the most pigmented and long lasting cream blushers I have ever used and is a firm favourite of mine. The other product I have been obsessed with lately has been the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette which contains cool toned neutrals colours which I wear on an everyday basis. The texture of these eyeshadows is unbelievable and worth checking out. 

One of the lip products I have been rocking is the Relvon Colourstay Moisture Stain in 'Barcelona Nights' which I reviewed a couple of weeks back. I had heard mixed reviews about this product but I love wearing it. It applies evenly over the lips and wears away to a light stain while still being hydrating. The other product I have been wearing during March is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner in 'Midnight Plum' which is a deep purple plum shade. I find that this lip liner is smooth and soft and makes other lipsticks last longer. Lastly I have been wearing the H&M Nail Polish in 'Green as Gold' which is a gold nail polish that has a hint of green to it and is beautiful.

What are were your March Favourites?

Emily <3

Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Little Beauty Haul | Easter

Happy Easter! I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter Sunday and eating as much chocolate as possible because I definitely am! Anyway the other day I popped into a outlet shopping centre and ended up walking away with a few products and I thought I would share them with you. I picked up a couple of body and bath products as well as a sneaky order from make up revolution.

The first place I went to was The Body Shop and I picked up a shower gel in the scent 'Satsuma' as I was in need of a new one and I find the scent fruity and fresh. I also stopped by Boots and brought the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturing Spray as I have heard so many bloggers raving about this product and felt the need to try for myself. I will definitely report back about how I got on with it. The other body product I brought was the Victoria Secret Body Mist in Pure Seduction (funny name!) which is my favourite scent to wear.  

Along with the bath and body products, I also picked up three make up products. Recently a new cosmetic shop opened in the outlet centre and I popped in not knowing what to expect but ended up coming out with a Mac Matte Eyeshadow in Wow Factor which is a light purple shade. Along with this I also picked up a L'oreal Caresse Lipstick in Impulsive Fushsia. I thought I would add in a sneaky purchase from Make Up Revolution which is the Fortune Favours The Brave by the British Beauty Blogger. I can't wait to try out this palette and will report back to you.

What have you brought recently?

Emily <3

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